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Sun, Sep 17


The Promontory

Back2Basics Ball - Edition: ICONS

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Back2Basics Ball - Edition: ICONS
Back2Basics Ball - Edition: ICONS

Time & Location

Sep 17, 2023, 8:00 PM

The Promontory, 5311 S Lake Park Ave W, Chicago, IL 60615, USA

About the event


The Promontory

Doors Open at 8:00 pm 

Entry is $30 - No RE-ENTRY.


Snookie West


Presenting Sponsor - Zoliy Productions

Life 4 All Inc.

House Lives Matter


(All Legends will battle Legends in their respective categories and battle for the Cash)




Open to All

As we remember the foundation laid before us, recreate a memorable moment of an ICON that you would like to pay homage to that has inspired you. Create an identifiable, innovative, and identical production to the moment you are recreating. 


Female Figure Face - $500 

3 Trophies - 1 Cash

Women .vs. BQUID .vs. FQ vs. FQ Big Girl

Ballroom and the Entertainment Industry have also gone hand and hand. Both entities have shared and borrowed inspiration from one another. Tonight we request that you bring forth an Iconic look from a movie or television actress that is fitting and suitable to inspire the likes of ballroom. 

Performance - $500

8 Trophies - 1 Cash

Butch .vs. Women's .vs. BQUID .vs. RWT .vs. FQ .vs. BQ Soft & Cunt .vs. BQ Dramatics .vs. Legends

When you think about Ballroom Performances, there have been many Icons that have left their signature essence, style, and stunts for us to remember and idolize. Tonight we are requesting that you bring the essence, style, and stunts of your favorite Performance Icon while displaying their name on a white shirt of your choice. (Your performance must be identifiable of the chosen Icon) 

BQ vs Trans Man Face

2 Trophies

In the name of one of the most Iconic movie stars James Bond aka 007.   Be Debonaire,  be classic, be undeniable face.

Runway - $350

8 Trophies - 1 Cash

All American .vs. Women's .vs. BQUID .vs. FQ .vs. Small .vs. Tall .vs. Big .vs. Legend

Over the years, Ballroom Runway has become increasingly invested in creating over-the-top looks that consist of elaborate costumes and innovative effects. Tonight, however, in the name of the Iconic Pioneers, we are requesting you to take it back to focusing on the most important element of Runway; The Walk! Bring in a creative pair of jeans with a white shirt if your choice. 

Fashion - $200

Best Dressed

2 Trophies - 1 Cash

Male Figure .vs. Female Figure

You know the look, you know the taste… create a look that screams best dress.  rock socking is what we want, rock socking is what you must be!

Foot and Eyewear

2 Trophies

Male Figure .vs. Female Figure 

This is the night we want to see, to experience a moment when the past says hello to the present.  A fashion moment of sorts, we are asking you to bring to life a rocksocking current or vintage foot and eyewear. Back2Basics we want, who will reign supreme, but here's the catch...



Louis Vuitton




Nina Ricci




Saint Lauent

OTA Realness - $250 plus pot

BQ Thug, Everyday, School Boy, Pretty Boy, Debonir Man, Executive,  Drags, Trans Man, FQ, Executive FQ

MF vs. FF 10 Trophies - 1 Cash

One thing that all of the Realness Icons should have accomplished is the ability to defeat a line of competitors in a process of elimination. Tonight let’s see if you can masterfully defeat a line of your peers by process of elimination. Each participant must enter the competition with a $5 Pot and receive $5 for every participant they eliminate from the competition. The last individual standing will receive an additional $250

Sex Siren - $200

2 Trophies - 1 Cash

Iconic Sex Staples 

When it comes to what the staple of sexy is Play Boy and Chip and Dale dancers have been the American inspiration. Tonight bring us a look inspired by the sexy women and men that have created millions of fantasies for us all. 

Never walked vs. Never won vs. New

Runway 2 Trophies - MF vs. FF 2 Trophies - 1 Cash

Performance - MF vs. FF 2 Trophies - 1 Cash

Face - MF vs. FF 2 Trophies - 1 Cash

You are walking on the backs of those who've paved the way for you, in all black with a touch of red come pay your respects and give us a show.

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