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In the realm of makeup cosmetics and facial products, numerous companies claim to offer top-quality products to their customers. The competition intensifies when comparing American versus European cosmetics brands.


Tonight, select either an American or European cosmetics brand and present your unique campaign. Feel free to unleash your creativity in terms of the look and design, but ensure that the judges can easily identify the brand you are representing.

New Face - 1 point

Women's Face - 1 point

Butch's Face - 1 point

BQUID Face - 1 point

BQ Face - 1 point

Tran's Man Face - 1 point

FQ Face- 1 point

Big Girls Face - 1 point

GNC Face - 1 point

Legendary - 1 point

1 point for each winner  

plus 5 points & $200 for Overall Winner

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