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"thee entertainment"


With a guest list of 700 and Notables such as Princess Grace, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, Jacqueline de Ribes, Gloria Guinness, Andy Warhol, and various other Imperial Sovereigns, and A-list Celebrities the event became Legendary before it started. Iconic Celebrities such as Josephine Baker who participated in with Team France and Liza Minnelli who was utilized by Team America served as additional support for Entertainment in the show.


Tonight, in the colors of Red, White, and Blue to represent both The American and France Flag. Bring forth your performance in something flowy.  

New Performance - 1 point

Women's Performance - 1 point

Butch's Performance - 1 point

BQUID Performance - 1 point

BQ Soft & Cunt - 1 point

BQ Dramatics - 1 point

Tran's Man - 1 point

FQ Performance - 1 point

Old Way - 1 point

New Way - 1 point

Legendary - 1 point

1 point for each winner  

plus 5 points & $200 for Overall Winner

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