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The go - seE


The model go-see is essentially a casting or audition for models. It's where models are invited to meet with clients, typically in the fashion industry, to show their portfolio, walk, and possibly be measured for potential jobs such as runway shows, photoshoots, or advertising campaigns. It's an opportunity for both the client and the model to assess each other's suitability for collaboration. These meetings are crucial for models looking to secure work and for clients to find the right talent for their projects.

Tonight, in a pair of Blue Denim Jeans & a White T-Shirt come see if you will be choose by the judges as the Top Runway Model.

New Runway - 1 point

Women's Runway - 1 point

Female Figure All American - 1 point

Butch's/Tran's Man All American - 1 point

BQ All American - 1 point

BQUID Runway - 1 point

BQ Small - 1 point

BQ Tall - 1 point

BQ Big - 1 point

FQ Runway - 1 point

Legendary - 1 point

1 point for each winner  

plus 5 points & $200 for Overall Winner

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